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RastaPasta Creation Story

In the beginning, there was a herbal strand, one string, with 12 strings coming from its bottom/root.

There was not much to do so, one day it stretched and stretched and stretched which felt good. It could feel. One day it stretched too much and snapped directly along its trunk, becoming two vibrating strings with 6 roots each.

stem split.jpg
stems twirled.jpg

The snap, although painful, caused the vibration which produced the 1st notes of sound.

Floating and vibrating invisibly in nothingness the strands became scared as they had never heard sound. It was dark, so they could not see what noise was.

The roots touched and started to intertwine, forming a mess of interlaced strings.

The notes they had produced floated about in nothingness interchanging frequencies and causing dissonance which was not nice to hear. The strands tightened up and squeezed tighter and tighter, forcing out dust from their tips.

stem particles.jpg

12 types of dust flowed from these 12 vibrating root strands filling the nothingness with dust which started interacting with the dissonant sounds.

stem whirlwind.jpg

This created a strong force, like a violent whirlwind, that further mixed the notes dust and pierced the outer layer of the entangled strands. The strands contracted and expanded in reaction.  In a flash, the pulsing and vibrating roots, the dust particles and the sounds exploded.

stem sun.jpg

This explosion, this bang, sent a giant fireball flying through the nothingness in the most brilliant array of light, spreading the sounds and dust. The increased dust particles and increased dissonance in the sound caused a second force which expanded and multiplied the dust and notes even more. This mixture suddenly exploded and shot a fireball far away from the clouds of particles. The fireball eventually stopped far away produced a strong light.

solar system pasta rasta.jpg

This explosion also caused a new force which further scattered the dust into large balls and lumps and scattered them about creating a multiverse. In one dimension, the new bright sun and the many stars illuminated these balls and lumps. Everything circled the sun, as if rolling in a magnetic invisible blanket, keeping them all in perfect synchronicity. From nothingness came a solar system with a very bright light.

An invisible spirit permeated the every particle that made this dimension in the multiverse and expanded itself in many forms, slowly evolving within the uncountable energy fields that made up everything in existence

....... and as always, religious texts go through revisions, and the other parts of this story are being revised. I will let you know when the scribes have finished.

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