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Iyaric, Livalect, or I-Talk

¨Itinually¨ replaces continually, I existing continuously

¨ replaces ¨me¨ (Me objectifies, I emphasizes subjectivity of the individual).

¨Irator¨ replaces "creator"

¨I and I¨ refers to the oneness, it replaces ¨You and I¨ and ¨We¨

¨Everliving¨ replaces "everlasting" as we are ¨immortalists¨

¨I-Tal¨ replaces Vital

¨I man¨ is the inner man

¨Livication¨ replaces "dedication", (eliminates dead)

¨Idren¨ or ¨Bredren¨ and ¨Sistren¨ one's peers (male - "Idren¨ or ¨bredren", female - "sistren").

¨Outvention¨ replaces "invention" as inner experience is invention.

¨Overstanding¨ & "Innerstanding" replaces "understanding", as in enlightenment and a raised consciousness.

¨Know¨ replaces "believe"

¨Irie¨ high emotions and peaceful vibrations.

¨Livity¨ or the life energy (liveliness)

¨I-tal Diet¨ is food without chemical modification. No artificial additives, pesticides or fertilizer.

¨Ites¨ joy or the color red

¨Red¨ means stoned (due to red eyes)

¨Downpression¨ replaces "oppression"

"downgression" = "violence" (from aggression).

¨Itesquake¨ replaces "earthquake"

¨Zion¨ refers to either Ethiopia or the whole continent of Africa

¨Amagideon¨ – general state of the world, a take on "Armageddon"

¨Polytricks¨ is "politics" as politicians are tricksters

¨Babylon¨ human government and institutions

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