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Rastapastafarians & Pastafarians

Link to - Planet Lockdown - A Documentary February 2022 - Important

Chewbacca (a dedicated Pastafarian) charged and convicted for assault
June 18, 2021
Please show restraint if you are a victim of religious discrimination

chewbacca pastafarian.jpg
Keith Chewbacca pastafarian.jpg

South Australia refuses to give Pastafarian an official status as an incorporated association June 18th 2021

the discrimnation AU.jpg

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster: 'Noodly knot' tied in religion's first legal wedding

Apr 2016

pastafarian wedding spaghetti monster.jpg

Australia still refuses to recognize Pastafarians, while New Zealand's decided to grant the church approval to conduct weddings. DEC 2015

New Zealand recognizes Pastfarians but Australia will not.jpg

Since 2014 in Poland

polish pastafarian celebrate recognition.PNG

Since 2016 in Holland

Netherlands accept pastafarians.jpg

Note from article above

Recognized in North America:

And so far, the Church of FSM has been recognized in this way in several other countries. It is already recognized as a religion in North America, after it was established to parody creationism by its "founder" Bobby Henderson in 2005, Metro reports.

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